Excerpt loop (1:15 min) from the video sequence of an abandoned Star Wars film set in the Tunisian desert with visiting tourists and local Bedouins offering souvenirs and camel rides, superimposed on an adapted version of the painting Le Sahara (1867) by Gustave Guillaumet. 

Street Scene from 17th-century Ottoman Istanbul

Unknown artist
Printed on a velvet cushion found in a souvenir shop in Istanbul

View of Tiflis, 1874
Pyotr Petrovich Vereshchagin

Excerpt loop (1.52 min) from a video sequence filmed in october 2020 during the restoration works of endangered Gudiashvili Square in the heart of Tbilisis historical centre. The sequence is superimposed on the painting “View of Tiflis”, 1874 by Pyotr Vereshchagin. One of the houses on Gudiashvili Square served as Imperial Russia’s headquarters for Caucasia in the 19th Century. Pyotr Vereshchagin was a Russian landscape painter who also accompanied Russian military campaigns, as for example during the Russo-Turkish war.